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Common Winter Sports Injuries

Date: 19 Dec 2019
Category: Sports Medicine

Winter time is here, and while wintertime sports and activities are fun and festive, they can also be pretty dangerous. Many winter activities revolve around snow and ice, which can spell disaster for athletes. Additionally, the cold temperatures can exaggerate the severity of many injuries. However, there are a variety of precautions that you can […]

Understanding Workers Compensation

Date: 16 Dec 2019

Common Workplace Injuries and Qualifying for Workman’s Comp Occupational injury or illness effects 1 out of 100 full-time workers annually. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that’s over 1 million work-related injury and illness cases per year. Especially in high-risk jobs that require the use of heavy equipment or consistent manual labor, an occupational […]

5 Common Hand and Wrist Injuries Among Athletes

Date: 27 Nov 2019
Category: Sports Medicine

Hand and wrist injuries account for approximately 25% of all sports injuries and are some of the most common injuries that athletes experience. Injuries of the hand and wrist can make daily tasks difficult both on and off the field. Prompt intervention is key when it comes to sports injuries, so knowing the signs and […]

10 Exercises to Improve Posture and Relieve Lower Back Pain

Date: 14 Nov 2019
Category: Sports Medicine

Poor posture is one of the top underlying causes of lower back pain. Whether you sit at a desk all day or are a professional athlete, poor posture could be the cause of that never-ending ache in your back. Try implementing the following exercises and stretches recommended by sports medicine doctors to reduce tension, build […]


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